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Elkem recherche son R&D scientist

The R&D-department of Elkem Foundry Products is located in Kristiansand, and consists of a team of 5 persons. The R&D-department carries out product development on additives for the steel and cast iron industry.

R&D scientist


1. Le samedi, 14 octobre 2017, 04:36 par George Prazmowski

1975 Madison Avenue
Sudbury, ON P3A 2P5, Canada

Highlights of Qualifications
• Solid international experience in research and development, engineering management
• Solid track record in initiating and managing research and development, engineering & techno-economic projects
• Dynamic self-starter and results-oriented specialist
• Extensive experience in all areas of materials science, in small, medium and large companies
• Outstanding analytical skills
• Specialist in casting technology: ferrous & non-ferrous alloys; sand, investment (lost wax process), precision-ceramics, permanent mold, low-pressure & die-casting.
• Strong knowledge of metallurgy and heat treatment methods for ferrous & non-ferrous castings, forging, powder metallurgy, metal matrix composites, ceramics and refractory, steel and iron-making practices continuous casting, corrosion and fatigue,
• Advanced studies in solidification, structural transformation, corrosion and heat treatment of special nickel alloys (Inconel 600, Inconol alloy 800H end 800HT) for nuclear and aeronautical applications (as CEN –Centre des Études Nucléaires, fellow in France).
• Languages: English, French and Polish.
• Registered Member of Ordre des Ingénieurs du Québec #36137 (Transfer to PEO in 2016).
Professional Training
Foundry Engineering, École Supérieure de Forge et Fonderie, Paris, France 1977
Foundry Engineer with Masters in Metallurgy & Foundry Engineering, Academy of Mining & Metallurgy, (AGH)Cracow, Poland 1962-1968
Metallurgy Technician Technical School of Metallurgy Cracow, Poland 1961
Physical Metallurgy (fellow CEN) 1975-1976
Centre des Études Nucléaires & Université Paris XI, Saclay/Orsay and Centre de Recherche Électricité de France, Fontainebleau France
Summary of Skills
• Specialist in casting technology: ferrous & non-ferrous alloys; sand, investment, precision-ceramics, permanent mold, low-pressure & die-casting.
• Strong knowledge of metallurgy and heat treatment methods for ferrous & non-ferrous castings, forging, powder metallurgy, metal matrix composites, ceramics and refractory, steel and iron making practices and continuous casting,
• Processes Control Supervisor. Involved in technology transfer from KORF (BSW Badische Sathlwerke GmbH, Kiel-Germany to Québec c.a. $200 million project). Developed operating methods for EBT furnaces with foam slag and ladle furnace technology. Improved and developed process control procedures in the primary steel production sector (including MIDREX reduction plant – pyrometallurgy, steel works, billet and slab continuous casting).
• Developed successful training programs for operators.
• Installed Lean System Programs (Management & Manufacturing) at Dana Brake Parts, Sudbury foundry.
• Strong knowledge of automotive industry and their Continuous Improvement Programs, APQP, PPAP, SPC, Control Plans, PFMEA, DFMEA, 5 Whys, Six Sigma.
• Directed an IMPACT improvement program, where my team won in 2000 the first prize over all DANA divisions (includes 87,000 people in 34 countries).
• Managed laboratories in industry, universities and development environments.
• Conducted metallographic structural analysis, failure and corrosion analysis.
• Engineered projects from the conceptual stage, through to all processes phases (metallurgical, mechanical, environmental) in Canada, the USA and Overseas.
• Considerably reduced labor costs (30%) in the production of ventilated brake discs.
Research and Development
• Established R&D projects based on the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR and ED) program offered by Revenue Canada
• Participated in advanced metallurgical studies for Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR) on solidification, annealing, structural transformation, hot intergranular corrosion, heat treatment of high nickel alloys – austenitic stainless steels INCONEL 600 and INCONOL alloy 800H and 800HT for application in reactor vessels, heat exchanger tubing and gas turbine components including jet engines.(1975-1976 Research Center EDF and University Paris XI, France)
• Developed production methods for highly sophisticated railway brake shoes for CN Rail (1982).
• Prepared a proposal for a $10 million project for the R&D of Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) casting technology which included technical and financial aspects (1993).
• Prepared, successfully managed and implemented project for ultra light pistol frames for Duralcan Alloys, $2million (1995-1999).
• Conducted study for recovery of cobalt, nickel and copper from slag using AC-DC-Arc furnace technology (2011-2014).
Project Management/Procurement
• Handled detailed aspects of production and/or pre-feasibility projects, including technical and economical studies examining and solving day-to-day problems.
• Scheduled all activities thus ensuring the successful, timely and below-budget project completion.
• Gained experience in managing projects over $10 million, and developed strong knowledge of how to handle equipment installation using internal or external labor and sub-contractors.
Developed and proposed a $75 million environmental pilot project to recuperate blast furnace residue in Poland. (1987/89).
• Secured initial equipment and quotations, through ordering and purchasing, ensuring economical and timely delivery.
Quality Assurance
• Involved in production and quality control of aluminum castings (permanent mold, low-pressure and die-casting) for automotive parts (for RENAULT, PEUGEOT and VOLVO).
• Involved in creation and installations of Quality Assurance Manuals: ISO 9000, ISO/TS 16949, and implemented related QA systems.
Professional Career
President -Technical Services, GKP Consulting, Sudbury, ON 2002-present
• Polish-speaking consultant and, lobbyist assisting Golder Spain and providing oversight of project engineering disciplines in process group, delivering backfill studies and detailed engineering for Rudna Mine at KGHM in Poland in 2011-2014.
• Transformation of post flotation residues on high-density paste transportable by piping systems on long distances, more than 10 km.
• Materials engineering for paste-backfill related bulk handling systems, wear elements and abrasion coatings.
• Conducted study for recovery of cobalt, nickel and copper from slag using AC-DC-Arc furnace technology 2011-2014.
• Involved in a project of engineering programs’ francisation at Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada (2014).
Occasionally involved in the improvements of the production processes for the following projects:
• Preliminary Feasibility Study (PFS) of secondary melting aluminum alloys foundry, Fonderie R.N.S. Saint-Esprit (Québec) with the capacity 25 000 t/y (2011).
• Forged debarking tools, to be used in Forestry for Forano Industries (Plessisville, Québec 2001-2002). This project involves the cooperation of four collaborates (both in Québec and Ontario).
• High thermal conductivity of die-casted spreader heads (Electronics Industry) in composite alloy (Aluminum alloys + silicon carbide - physical mixture in liquid phase) for MC-21 Company, at Carson City Nevada, USA, 2005-2006.
• Determine methods to improve and resolve metallurgical aspects of military nodular iron castings for old US Army components (Brantford, ON).
Process Engineering Manager and R&D, Brake Parts, Sudbury, ON 1999-2002
• Managed a staff of seven professionals responsible for sand & metal laboratory, production standards, plant efficiency, continuous improvement programs, APQP, PPAP, SPC, Control Plans, PFMEA, DFMEA, pattern shop operations, customer quotations and R&D initiatives.
• Determine methods for improvement and maintain continuous flow of massive production of brakes disk on three Disa machines for OEMs and aftermarket customers.
• Directed a $1.7$ million project to introduce computerized robotics in the finishing and packaging assembly line.
• I participated in a seminar on Lean Systems Program at the University of Kentucky.
• I created and directed an IMPACT improvement program on the foundry’s sand system that resulted in improved sand quality and savings of $180 000/year.
Chief Engineer and R&D Manager, Alphacasting Inc., Montreal, QP 1995-1999
• Directed and conducted casting research & technical studies (foundry and metallurgical) for: carbon steels, medium and high alloy steels, stainless steels, precipitation hardenable steels, aluminum alloys, brasses and bronzes.
• Directed amongst others: Heat treatment methods for ferrous & non-ferrous castings.
• Developed Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) castings in Duralcan composite alloy.
• Originated and successfully managed $2 million R&D program, which produced these castings.
• Acted as consultant to Alphacasting for 3 years prior to promotion.
Professor, (part time), UNIVERSITÉ DU QUÉBEC, Trois-Rivières campus 1987-1996
• Taught the courses in Metallurgy, Foundry Engineering and Powder Metallurgy.
Consultant, GP Foundry & Metallurgy, (Montreal, Quebec) 1987-1995
• Technical Consultant in casting technology: ferrous & non-ferrous alloys; sand, investment, precision-ceramics, low-pressure & die-casting.
• Developed and proposed a $75 million Environmental pilot project to recuperate blast furnace residue (slag) in Poland. (1987-89).
• Assisted in modernization & automation of foundries, including through CPC, JIT and ISO 9000 systems and of heat treatment methods for ferrous & non-ferrous castings
• Prepared and presented seminars on casting theory & practice
• Prepared techno-economic studies (also for new foundry, which bank & government agencies had approved).
• Project Engineering for $10 million R&D program to develop Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) casting technology, in sand, investment & ceramics molds.
Process Control Supervisor, Sidbec Dosco, (Arcelor-Mital-today) Montreal QC 1984-1987
• Developed and improved process control procedures in the primary steel production sector (including MIDREX reduction plant, steel works, billet and slab continuous casting).
• Involved in technology transfer from KORF (Germany). Developed operating methods for EBT (eccentric bottom top) furnaces with foam slag and ladle furnace technology.
• Conducted technological interactions between elaboration process of steels and hot/cold rolling procedures (improvement of the quality).
• Developed successful training programs for operators (technical and H&S).
Process Manager, Magotteaux Canada, Magog QC 1982- 1984
• Conducted studies on fabrication of gray, ductile & alloy-iron castings (grinding balls);
• Developed mathematical models to simulate filling & cooling the molds (gating and risering) for gray, ductile and alloy-iron, sand and no-back operations foundry, on vertical machine (Disa).
• Realized with all team, series of 180 gray iron castings, approx. 1 ton weight each (for Montreal water purification plant); various series of gray and ductile iron castings (for BOMBARDIER’s air brakes for New York City subway).
Technical Director, Maska Foundry Inc (Lafaro Foundry today) Ste-Claire QC 1980-1982
• (gray and ductile iron, sand operations foundry, horizontal machines BP and Hunter)
• Responsible for engineering and all technical aspects of production, including planning and direction of foundry activities.
• Maintained technical liaison with clients.
• Implemented production of castings for automobile drum, brakes disk, and manifolds – 75% of the all production (for BUDD COMPANY) and for automobile callipers (for BRITISH LEYLAND);
• Developed production methods for highly sophisticated railway brake shoes (for CN RAIL);
• Created Quality Assurance Manual, and implemented related QA systems, which was essential for obtaining the above-mentioned major contracts from Budd Co.
Assurance Quality Engineer Zeppelins Foundry. Draveil, France 1978-1980
• Responsible for solving all metallurgical problems, assurance and quality inspection and foundry laboratory.
• Involved in production/quality control of aluminum castings [permanent mold, low-pressure (automobile wheel) and die casting] for: automotive parts (for RENAULT, PEUGEOT and VOLVO) and for electronics, naval and aerospace applications.
Foundry Engineer Polmot Automobile /FSO Warsaw, Poland 1968-1974
• Participated in the start-up of new aluminum-alloys foundry. Responsible for the technology processes (permanent mold and die-casting for Fiat Polski).

2. Le samedi, 14 octobre 2017, 07:40 par Mèkilékon

On m'a toujours dit qu'un CV se devait d'être court, synthétique, pour laisser au recruteur, l'envie d'en savoir plus...

On ne sait plus si cette longue litanie de "qualités" et "expériences" est celle de l'auteur ou celles qui sont recherchées.

Demande quelques éclaircissements cette affaire !!!

3. Le lundi, 16 octobre 2017, 00:04 par George Prazmowski

1975 Madison Ave., Sudbury, ON P3A 2P5
(705) 586-5421 (telephone),

Sudbury, October 15 2017


Position: Scientist R&D
Re: Your add in PiWifonderie

To whom it may concern,

I am retired but continuously active in several areas in metallurgy, foundry and mining and I am looking for an interesting revalorization occupation (full/part – time position. consultant, contractor).

As a skilled engineer and consultant, I propose to you my cooperation in yours project of creation a position of Scientist R&D.

I am convinced that my background, work experience and qualifications combined make me suitably qualified for your specific requirements for following reasons:

• With extensive professional experience as a Metallurgist, Foundry Engineer and Scientist, having worked on R&D programs, production processes and materials development in industrial, scientific and academic environments in Europe and Canada I can help you in your project.
• My background includes extensive work on many engineering teams, both as a vital member and as a highly motivating team manager. I have assembled award-winning teams, composed of both company’s workforce and an outside one.
• All my professional life, I have designed and managed R&D programs and production programs, which included ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, continuous improvement of the steel and cast iron production, forging, automotive parts production etc. I have also taken an active part in the establishment of quality standards and systems in my areas of expertise.
• My language ability (French, English and Polish) has enabled me to work on international teams and projects. A strong goal-oriented approach has enabled me to spearhead successful teams who solve engineering problems within strict time/cost limits. I am very comfortable maintaining client contact at all stages of a project and keeping the team focused on the client’s needs. I have also a large sales experience.
• In summary, I am able to offer your company great enthusiasm, a highly developed European culture, passion & strong capabilities for advancement in the engineering, manufacturing and R&D tasks.

I am eager to offer my services as a Scientist R&D and look forward to contacting you to find out more about yours needs and to discuss how my skills could complement your team (I am also ready to travel locally and internationally).

Yours truly,

Jerzy (George) Prazmowski

1975 Madison Ave
Sudbury, ON, Canada,
P3A 2P5
Tel +1 (705) 586-5421

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